Aston Estate Jewelry

Victorian Greek Revival Natural Pearl Filigree Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold French

Aston Estate Jewelry Presents:

A one of a kind Greek Revival natural pearl filigree work necklace. Centering this necklace are a trio of natural 8mm saltwater half pearls, framed by hand formed wire filigree work. Complementing the center trio of pearls are two further half pearls, also set in filigree adorned mounts.

Throughout the hand wrought chain links are 86 natural round pearls measuring 1.5mm to 3.5mm in diameter. Finishing this necklace is a secure slide mechanism clasp. Hallmarked, and tested as 18 karat gold.

Measurements: 16 1/2" Length. Center plaque measures 1 3/4" East to West by 5/8" North to South.

Weight: 30.5 Grams.

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