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Cartier Mid Century Retro Spessartine Garnet, Imperial Topaz & Diamond Sunflower Clip Brooch in 18 Karat Gold Paris

Aston Estate Jewelry Presents:

A striking mid century sunflower form Cartier clip brooch. Crafted in 18 karat yellow gold, this blossoming brooch is centered by a rich spessartine garnet weighing 10 carats.

Of intense rich deep orange color, the center spessartine garnet measures 13.5mm in diameter and is centered by a plethora of imperial topaz. Cut in marquise, and pear shapes the imperial topaz are masterfully arranged to make up the petals of this stunning sunflower. The accenting imperial topaz weigh a combined 28 carats, and are of a vibrant golden hue.

Hallmarked with French Eagles head hallmark, and with Cartier SCA Lozenge cartouche. Brooch is signed Cartier, Paris, and serial numbered.

Measurements: 1 1/2" Diameter by 1/2" Rise.

Weight: 18.5 Grams.

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